*M. Elizabeth Heath-Vincent

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It is my pleasure to endorse Dr. Robert Wheeler, with regards to his advanced medical approaches regarding Chiropractic Care.

Efficiency accompanied by courtesy, amiability and a powerful knowledge of the Chiropractic industry is truly a rare combination in today’s medical arena.  It was quite evident that he loves his work, carries out his medical skills competently and enthusiastically with a firm grasp and strong knowledge of the healthcare industry.

He provides tremendous assistance and detailed explanations when needed.  His expert approach makes a formerly large task become very manageable.  Dr. Robert Wheeler will always command presence and be at the top of anything he accomplishes in Chiropractic care.”

I have had the very best care since beginning my treatment with Dr. Wheeler and have greatly reduced my pain and enhanced my quality of life.


M. Elizabeth Heath-Vincent

July 30, 2010

May 8, 2013