*Jeremiah Leach – Tardive Dyskinesia (Medically incurable) – resolves with Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

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I was diagnosed with Tardive Dyskinesia where you have ticks and involuntary movement.  My neck was misaligned and bent to the right as a result of the Tardive Dyskinesia.  I could not hold my head upright and I have a hard time walking properly.  It affected my life and my mobility.  The good news is that after two weeks of Dr. Robert Wheeler’s chiropractic adjustments to my neck, my neck went back to normal.  I could hold my neck up right and regained my mobility, and my life back.  It was like my neck was never misaligned.  Thank you Dr. Wheeler.  I highly recommend him.


Jeremiah Leach


May 8, 2013