*James Mosier – Sprained and swollen finger, not healed after 2 months, healed after 2 Laser Therapy sessions

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I sought treatment with Dr. Wheeler and his K-laser for the following problem.  I sprained my wedding ring finger two months ago and had limited motion.  I saw and felt improvement after 1 visit and had a total of 2 laser treatments.  I noticed my range of motion was better and a large bump on top was half gone.  Previous treatments with another doctor was to try splinting it which did not help my condition after 2 months.  I would recommend laser therapy to others with Dr. Wheeler.  I am VERY satisfied with my K-laser treatment.  I would also try K-laser for other problems in the future.  K-laser did not hurt, but I was a little sore after the first treatment.

James Mosier


May 8, 2013