*Chena Boev – Chronic Psoriasis resolves with 4 K-Laser treatments

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I tried laser therapy with Dr. Wheeler for psoriasis and saw improvement after 3 visits.  There were no side effects.  I would tell people there is nothing to worry about because you wouldn’t feel anything once the laser touched your skin.  The first day I showed the doctor my skin and it was really depressing and disappointing how it looked.  (Chena was the most severe psoriasis case I have ever seen.)  But after the treatment I was happy and ….it turned out pretty well.  I would rate the service I experienced a 10/10.  (Chena’s itching was gone after the first treatment.  The redness was gone after the 2nd treatment.  New healthy tissue was moving into the formerly red/scaly areas by the 4th treatment and her back had cleared up.  Without further treatment her legs continued to heal and eventually cleared up.  This was after dealing with the psoriasis for 3 years.)

Cheena Boev


May 8, 2013