*Cara D. – Hand function improves and pain resolves with K-laser and ultrasound post surgery

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I saw Dr. Wheeler for ultrasound therapy and laser therapy for post-surgical scar reduction on my hand.

I saw improvement after only 2 sessions.  There were no side effects.  The laser therapy felt warm and comforting and is quick.

I also tried massage and ultrasonic sound which gave me further improvement for my hand at Dr. Wheeler’s office.

I have been a patient of Dr. Wheeler’s since he arrived in Alaska (1998)  He has always provided caring and current treatments for falls, chronic pain and new problems for me. I would rate the service I have received at a 10/10.

The only suggestion I could make to Dr. Wheeler to make my experiences more enjoyable is to provide snacks for the patients!

Cara D.


May 8, 2013