Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic can be defined as conservative care of the body. It is the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness without the use of prescription drugs or invasive surgery.  Since the Brain and spinal cord control all bodily functions chiropractic care can often help with organic dysfunction, when it arises or is contributed to by what Chiropractor’s refer to as subluxations.  Subluxations are misalignments or dysfunctional joints in the spine and the surrounding soft tissues.  Since the spinal cord has small spinal nerves that must pass between spinal bones to reach the muscles, organs, blood vessels and skin they are susceptible to pressure or irritation from bulged or herniated discs, bone pressure from arthritis and further irritation from inflammation from these types of conditions.  When nerve pressure or irritation exists it can cause dysfunction of the signals between the brain and the body and the tissue, or organs those nerves control will not be able to operate at 100% of their ideal function.  The body will then not be in homeostasis and untreated could lead to a weakening of the effected area or even the body as a whole.  For well over a hundred years chiropractors have seen many successes with organic problems as well as helping with pain and dysfunction. Chiropractors are the only health care physicians trained to analize and reduce or remove spinal subluxations.

We use the most modern clinical techniques such as manipulation of the spine and other joints, modalities including ultrasound, electrical stimulation and flexion/distraction.

Our objective is to provide you with counseling and patient education for the prevention and treatment of injury or disease. We welcome any questions you have regarding your care and we will strive to respond fully to your needs.

Dr. Wheeler offers traditional hands on Diversified/Gonstead type of adjustments, light force Activator adjustments for which he was trained and non-force SOT blocking.  Additionally he utilizes Thompson Drop Table technique, Flexion/Distraction (Cox), Pettibon, Toggle Recoil or Upper Cervical Specific,  and Pediatric adjustments.

The American Medical Association finally admitted that chiropractic care may benefit patients with lower back pain, April 24, 2013.  While patients and chiropractors have known this since 1895 the AMA has finally given credit where credit is due.  Now for them to admit we can help with neck pain, headaches, arm and leg and other types of pain and dysfunction.


*Results may vary person to person