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Dr. Robert WheelerI am a native Floridian who was born in Tallahassee, but grew up in Navarre, Pensacola, and Gulf Breeze. I graduated from Gulf Breeze High School in 1986. In 1988, I served a 2 year mission for my church in the

Los Angeles area.  I completed my AA degree at PJC (Now Pensacola State College) in 1992.  In 1990, I was reintroduced to my friend Perry who had just returned from a mission to Taiwan. His little sister was at the airport for my welcome home party when I returned from LA. I could not help but notice how beautiful she had become since I had seen her when we were younger. As I spent time with Perry it also meant spending time with Kendra and a short time later we were inseparable. 2 years later we were married here in Pensacola on the waterfront at the Barclay House.

The Quina house in Civil Square was built by my ancestors. Also, the Creek Indians locally I can claim lineage to.  I have been a member of the Santa Rosa Creek Indian Tribe Inc., since 2003.  My tribal number is 03-531.   

My Indian ancestors are from the Miller (Ward and Knights), Baker and Avera/Avery families.  My European ancestry included German (Gunther or Gunter), English (Wheeler’s and Ward’s), French, Spanish and Italian. My Spanish ancestry and Italian is where the Quina family came from. An interesting story there is that the Italian wife was of the royal house from Bologna Italy. Her husband was a Spanish Musketeer or Kings personal body guard. He was in fact the Kings Cousin and had to submit a 5 generation pedigree for his wife and 3 generation pedigree for himself to get permission to marry a foreigner. Those were different times for sure. Additionally we have traced our family to some of the Kings of England, including Richard the Lion Heart, Charlemagne, (The first Holy Roman Emperor),  Robert de Brus 6th Lord of Annandale, Scottland, many Kings and Queens of Sweeden including King Helgi Olafgeirth Halfdansson, King Richard the II “The Good”, of Norway, King Karl Fornjotsson of Finland, King Raobaror Radbartsson of Denmark, King Dagobart I a Merovingean of France, King Eymund In Holmgard of Russia, Emperors of Rome including Constantine, Flavius, several Kings of Troy and names such as Joseph of Aramathea, Markus Aurillias, and Noah we also found in my back ground.  Of course one cannot take credit for accomplishments of our ancestors.  Still, I find geneaology very interesting and enjoy learning about my heritage.

My father originally was a school teacher, but later worked 28 years for Allstate Insurance in Pensacola and Gulf Breeze.  From my father I learned the benefits of hard work and he passed on his strong work ethic to my brother’s and I.   My mother Beverly still resides in Gulf Breeze and is a massage therapist.  My mother taught me compassion, honesty and integrity and the importance of a strong, close family.

My interest in Chiropractic began while in Los Angeles on my mission. I had suffered an injury where my spine was compressed in the middle back.  This area bothered me for a couple of years, while in Los Angeles.  My mother avoided back surgery through chiropractic care and my brother greatly benefited from chiropractic care after falling from a tree.  I gave Dr. Williams in Gulf Breeze a try and was amazed at how much better my back was with only a few weeks of care.

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I decided to enroll at Life College in Atlanta to pursue a Chiropractic career.  I completed my B.S. in Nutrition in 1995 and my doctorate in 1998.  Kendra completed her B.S. in Dietetics in 1998.

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My heart was always in Florida, but our sense of adventure led us to Alaska. I shared space with a chiropractor for one year. During this year I also found a part time job working in Alaska native villages. I would fly out to the villages of McGrath and Nikoli. McGrath is about an hour flight into the interior from Anchorage. You may not realize it, but Anchorage is a 5,000 mile drive from Pensacola!  The coldest temperatures I experienced were 42° BELOW ZERO!  On one of my trips to McGrath, the flight to Anchorage was canceled due to the cold at 42 degrees below zero.  Jet fuel begins to freeze at 39° below.  The next day the temperatures were 32° ABOVE ZERO and the flight was canceled due to icing concerns!  

During these years I had some amazing adventures. I snow mobiled (we call it snow machining), drove a dog sled team, hiked, camped fished and hunted. My wife and children likely could have stayed there forever. I however grew home sick and the 8 months of winters was just not what this Florida boy wanted.  I had my own practice for over 15 years in Alaska before returning home.

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We have settled now in Pace which is conveniently located in the middle of both Kendra’s family and mines. We had four children.  I am excited to bring the nearly 19 years of clinical experience that I have to you here in Pace, Milton and Pensacola.  My office is right between Milton and Pace in Pea Ridge on Highway 90.

At Wheeler Chiropractic Clinics LLC, I hope to become your friend, your doctor and your coach. I know that Pace, Milton, and North Pensacola are small communities and that word travels fast by mouth; in fact I am counting on it! I know I can help you. rob-boatI plan on being your new Chiropractic Physician for the long haul. I welcome you to my new practice and look forward to getting to know you and your family. I am pediatric trained and can offer many varieties of spinal adjustments, from traditional to light force Activator, to non force pelvic blocking. I have advanced training in caring for whiplash and auto accident cases.  I will work with your medical providers to ensure you are receiving all the appropriate care for your condition.  I have been able to help many people over the years just like you. Why live with the pain any longer? Chiropractic is very safe, very effective and I will help to make it affordable for you.

I cannot wait to meet you! Give us a call today and lets get started!
Dr. Rob Wheeler D.C.
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Did you know that I am a published author? I have four books that are self-published in the poetry and paranormal-fantasy genres. I have received great reviews and my books are currently (As of 2018) being converted to audiobook. You can see my work at www.rkwheeler.com
and www.amazon.com