Auto Accidents

117459024Dr. Wheeler wants to assure you that if you or yours are involved in an auto accident that we can provide you with the care you will need to diagnose and treat your injuries.  He will work with other medical providers to coordinate other treatments which may be necessary to help you in your recovery if needed.

Dr. Wheeler has advanced training in whiplash type of injuries through the Spine Research Institute of Sand Diego and Dr. Nordhoff with Western States Chiropractic College.  Dr. Wheeler brings over 26 years clinical experience and modern state of the art therapies such as the DOC spinal decompression system for bulged, herniated and degenerative discs, sciatica and radiculopathy.
Class IV laser therapy formerly which speeds the healing process, reduces or prevents the buildup of scar tissue, reduces inflammation and aids in pain and spasm relief without side effects other than rare, temporary soreness or short term dizziness.  There are no long term risks known with therapeutic laser therapy.  Dr. Wheeler is the only chiropractic or medical clinic in Santa Rosa or Escambia Counties offering the new state-of-the-art Class IV K-Laser Cube 4. With up to 20 watts of power and 4 light wavelengths,  the New K-Laser Cube 4 can speed healing for more conditions than ever before.

The symptoms of injury are not always immediate.  Some symptoms may be delayed by days or even weeks or longer after a crash.  Typically the sooner symptoms appear the more severe the injury.  Symptoms could include aggravation of old injuries, headaches, neck, back or extremity pain, visual disturbances, sciatica, numbness, insomnia, memory loss, vertigo, tinnitus, carpal tunnel from gripping the steering column, bruising, bleeding, fracture, partial or complete tears in the muscles, tendons or ligaments, bulged or herniated discs and TMJ.  Your posture could be adversely altered in an accident and yet you may have no immediate symptoms.  It could be months or years down the road before the injuries to your spine become evident, once your spine sufers accelerated degenerative changes leading to arthritis, pinched nerves and damaged discs.  Dr. Wheeler is trained to take and analyze x-rays to ensure you did not receive fractures or dislocations in the accident but also to assess your posture, range of motion and many other potential injuries.


Risks factors that increase your chances of being injured include:  Awareness of impending collision, a rear end collision, spinal degeneration or prior surgery, a seatbelt (due to the cross the shoulder type we wear vs a race car X type of seat restraint, improper seat or headrest positioning, middle age or above are more susceptible.  Women are more likely to be injured due to smaller muscle mass than men.  Speed is a very important consideration.  Many studies show that it only takes speeds of 5 mph or greater to reach the threshold of injury.  There may be little or no vehicle damages at speeds under 10 mph with proper bumper alignment, yet the force of impact is translated through your body, thus causing injury due to acceleration/deceleration and sheering forces to the spine and body.  Due to Dr. Wheeler’s experience, training and equipment, he is the right choice for you if you have been in an accident.  Please call for a no charge consultation.  We will bill your insurance and work with your attorney.  Dr. Wheeler has treated thousands of patients during his career and is eager to meet and help you quickly recover from your injuries.

Please don’t wait to call.  Delay in treatment may increase scar formation, and decrease your ability to fully recover from your injuries.  Dr. Wheeler will work with the hospitals and medical specialists to ensure you have a proper diagnosis and treatments for you injuries.

Do not delay to seek care after an accident.  New Florida law changes may prevent your insurance from covering your care if you do not seek medical care within 14 days of your accident.  You can call us or visit your medical doctor or local emergency room as long as you do so within 14 days of the accident. After 14 days you may still have coverage under uninsured motorist coverage, Medpay or through the at fault party’s Bodily Injury coverage.  You may visit the Florida Chiropractic Association for current details.
*Results may vary person to person